This Site Promises To Be The Yelp Of Services Aimed At Children...

This Site Promises To Be The Yelp Of Services Aimed At Children With Special Needs

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The Premise:
Yelp for services aimed at children with special needs. Using Love My Provider, parents can anonymously share experiences from and reviews of summer camps, attorneys, physical and speech therapists, tutors, dentists… just about any sort of service provider aimed at children with special needs (meaning: autism, OCD, developmental issues, extreme phobias and anything else that may require extra or specific care).
The goal: Make it as easy to use the Internet to find a quality prover as it is to find a decent brunch or bar. 
The Story:
After spending a number of years conducting quality assurance for the state of California, Sara Gershfeld saw the number of service providers aimed at autistic (and other special needs) children skyrocket. But still, there was no good way for parents to escape the the constraints of word-of-mouth when it came to finding providers they could trust.
That’s the basic idea behind Love My Provider, which launched in March of 2014: Provide a directory of such services, and tame it with a now-expected layer of reviews
“Before, parents were finding providers by word of mouth or through super-old Web 1.0 websites that had top-10 lists of providers that were specific to that area,” Gershfeld says. 
Gershfeld says that a reviews are especially important in this field, since many health care workers who make provider referrals are often unable—due to legal, liability, or other restrictions—to provide parents with their opinions about specific providers. Love My Provider seeks to sidestep this issue by giving parents who have worked with providers a place to share their experiences and opinions. The idea is to help parents find a good provider from the start, instead of forcing them to systematically (and expensively) going through different options until they find one that works—a dance that many parents know all too well. 
Another goal of the site: Take the many disconnected lists of providers, and put them all in a single, up-to-date destination.

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