Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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As the world relies more heavily on connected devices—for dozens of different business and residential applications—the motivation is growing to curb the power required to run the networks that help them talk to each other. Without interfering with traffic growth, of course.

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The FDA said today that it had granted approval to a novel technology that noninvasively measures fractional flow reserve (FFR) using data obtained from a CT scan of the heart. In recent years interventional cardiologists have been using an invasive, catheter-based form of FFR to measure the pressure gradient in partially blocked coronary arteries in order to identify lesions that are suitable candidates for a stent.

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Black Friday is nearly upon us, and the time has arrived for Xbox One and PS4. The market still isn’t flooded with must-have games that you can’t play on last-gen, and Sony’s last firmware update was sort of a mess, but we’re finally at the point where both Sony and Microsoft’s machines have enough titles to make an upgrade to the current-gen worth it, or at the very least, probably a better bet than buying an older machine. Microsoft has already been slashing the Xbox One price for months, but this Black Friday and ensuing deals still bring with it the best opportunity to walk away with a new console. Here are the best deals for anyone looking to make the upgrade:

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