Friday, December 15, 2017
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As platforms and technologies arise which make it easier for organizations to hyper-personalize services for consumers, we see a huge growth in individual offers being made to individual consumers. But while generic platforms exist to combine machine learning with customer engagement, sometimes specific vertical offerings are appreciated – after all, if you’re busy running a manufacturing, retail or utility business, building a machine learning platform isn’t exactly your core business. Utilities, in particular, seem poor adopters of new approaches to commerce. Some stats:
Utilities lag behind retail, communications and the government in the adoption of digital technologies. Barley 11% of social media users reported using social media to communicate with their utilities, and only 26% of utilities even had a mobile application. – Booz Allen
More than 30% of gas & electric utility customers feel no loyalty toward their providers and would no recommend them to others. Accenture
58% of customers want their utility to provide recommendations on energy-saving goods, such as home appliances. American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy: ACEEE. Energy Efficiency Resource Standards: In Practice. (PDF). Retrieved from:
Fewer than 7% of people apply for available rebates that give money back for purchasing energy-efficient products – Who Participates in Residential Energy Efficiency Programs?, Cooperative Research Network, 2013

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In business, sports, politics, military campaigns and many other human endeavors success encourages us to do more of the same. Encouraged by positive outcomes, our fundamental psychological propensity is to stay true to the actions that have worked.

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