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Monthly Archives: May 2015

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I have been conducting some research lately by interviewing a group of 25 CEOs. One of the questions I asked them is, how do they want their customers and clients to feel about their company? They thought the question strange at first, so I gave them a comprehensive list of emotional responses to choose from.

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“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half”, said John Wanamaker, a department store merchant, back in the early twentieth century. If Wanamaker had been alive today, he would have been forced to eat his words. It’s never been easier to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign in today’s ultra-connected world.

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StampyLongHead is currently the 32nd most viewed YouTuber of all time. With 3.5 billion views and 5.8 million subscribers, Stampy—along with a handful of other celebrity Minecrafters—is molding the minds of Generation Blockhead. If you have children, you’ve likely heard Stampy’s voice in the background as your children watch his game world adventures.

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