Friday, February 23, 2018

Monthly Archives: March 2015

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Despite protestations to the contrary, what remains of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 will likely never be found. That’s the hard truth that the search crews and the families and friends of the victims have yet to fully embrace, but we’re getting there and fast.

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I wrote about my initial thoughts on the Microsoft Band, right here. I’ve been using the Band daily since Christmas of last year and am a fan of the device. I had noticed a couple of quirks with the Band early on, like the heart rate monitor taking too long to lock in and Bluetooth syncs occasionally failing, but updates to the Microsoft Fitness app, the band’s firmware, and potentially Windows Phone 8.1 itself, seem to have taken care of those issues.  For the last few weeks, the Band has been behaving perfectly for me.

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Shadow of Mordor was one of my favorite games of 2014, so I was excited to play this new DLC. You play as Celebrimbor, and you’re armed with the One Ring, but it’s still so crushingly hard its not much fun. Well made Only recommended for savants and hardcore fans.

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