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Monthly Archives: March 2015

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شن طيران التحالف العربي بقيادة السعودية، ليل الثلاثاء، غارات مكثفة على منطقة مران ومركز مديرية رازح، في محافظة صعدة معقل جماعة الحوثيين شمالي اليمن، حسبما أفادت مصادر “سكاي نيوز عربية”.

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In case you decided to join the Russian-U.S. space expedition this week and missed the big news from Jay Z and his A-list musician pals, I can confirm that it went over big time. A cursory look at the media coverage saw his new music streaming service, Tidal, pop on the home page of The New York Times and on the CBS “Evening News,” to name just two.

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Last week when I wrote a post detailing PayPal’s move to 100 percent OpenStack in its infrastructure, I caused howls of protest from VMware. The protests were understandable, partly because the situation is more complex than one would initially think but also because VMware is in a tricky position. It is certainly unpalatable having commentators shine a light on the fact that solutions like OpenStack create challenges for their existing lucrative revenue streams.

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There are lots of advantages to having wealthy parents; such children go to the best schools, get top medical care, hob-nob with other members of the elite, are welcomed in prestigious golf and yacht clubs, and eventually stand to inherit a bundle. To top it all off, it now seems that they have bigger brains too.

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The low-power characteristics of Intel’s Broadwell microarchitecture are already well known at this point. New laptops and ultrabooks powered by 5th Generation Intel Core processors based on Broadwell, like the excellent Dell XPS 13 (2015) or HP Spectre x360, have been available for quite some time now and the virtues of the architecture and Intel’s 14nm manufacturing process have been discussed at length.

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Speeding past Newark Airport on Interstate 95 in New Jersey, a stunning scene across the way offers a rare glimpse into the future of the US energy business, and the picture isn’t pretty.

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