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As an HR person I would always get depressed when we had extended a job offer to someone and their background check came back funky. Most of the time, the problem was falsification of educational credentials. In other words, a job-seeker would tell us that they graduated from a college, […]

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بثت مواقع إلكترونية تابعة لتنظيم الدولة، شريطا مصورا يظهر قتل الرهينة الياباني الثاني كينجي غوتو، في الوقت الذي تسعى الحكومة اليابانية إلى التأكد من صحته حيث تعقد اجتماعا طارئا بعد نشر شريط الفيديو..

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In various interviews, judges have differed as to whether the 25 January revolution has achieved its goals.
Former Cairo Criminal Court President Refaat al-Sayed said although the revolution was kidnapped, it has succeeded in toppling the regime. 
“We judges are neutral,” he said. “We do not side with any particular political current.”
“The Judges For Egypt Movement mixed the judiciary with politics,” he said. “They were pro-Brotherhood.” 
Cairo Appeals Court President Ezzat al-Sayed said there has been slow progress in achieving the goals of the revolution, not a failure. “President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is addressing this now,” he said.
He said the judiciary works in accordance with the law and not with the circumstances. “It is difficult to prove corruption,” he said. “The prosecutor must provide sufficient evidence.”
“The demonstrators and the media of the Brotherhood wanted us to issue quick verdicts to absorb public anger,” he said. “We will never rule without sufficient evidence.”
Court of Cassation Deputy President Farghalli al-Zanaty said that the revolution has not achieved any of its goals so far. “We will begin to achieve its goals with the entitlements that were approved by the 30 June revolution,” he said.
“Mubarak’s case took too long,” he said. “He was innocent from the beginning. We all know who killed the demonstrators.”
Assistant Justice Minister Hisham Raouf said the revolution failed to achieve its goals. “Where is freedom and social justice?” he asked.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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