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In what might sound like a page out of Halle Berry’s TV show Extant, scientists at the University of Zurich, have proved that DNA, the building blocks of life, could survive the harsh and extreme conditions in space and still be able to pass on genetic information.

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Like millions of other movie-goers, I took my kids to see Disney’s latest animated adventure, Big Hero 6. To be honest, I went to see Big Hero 6, and I took the kids along so it wouldn’t seem awkward. The big screen adaptation of a relatively obscure Marvel comics series is a great movie that I highly recommend. One of the things that makes it so awesome, though, is the technology that went into creating it—namely the Hyperion rendering system.

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Tim Williams insists that he is not special, but the 25-year-old does have one quality that makes his life different: He asks for what he wants. “The go-to reaction a lot of people have is somebody would never be interested in this,” Williams says about emailing CEOs his ideas, “Sure, there may be a lot of non-responders. But I think it’s important for people to know that their ideas would be received more often than not.” There was nothing new about the email Williams, a native of Huntsville, Alabama, sent to Nicholas Cole, CEO of Car2Go, the Smart Car-sharing subsidiary of Daimler AG. In a blog post about the entire story, Williams recounts writing to Cole:

After a funny parking story (related to Car2Go) during a visit to San Diego, we were discussing how awesome it would be to create a viral video for you guys. We have in mind something comical that has to do with “synchronized driving” — witty and clever, but shows the true genius of Car2Go‘s service.

The email was forwarded around the Car2Go offices and soon Williams heard back. The answer was, basically, think bigger. Working with the CMO for North America Paul DeLong, what ensued was a adventure in which Williams and Director/Editor Nic Davis spent 72 hours in each of the 14 North American Car2Go locations, seeking out adrenaline. Skydiving, helicoptering, zip-lining, bobsledding, horse riding, jet skiing, fish-catching Pike Place-style, jamming at Red Rocks … all along using the car service to get there. The resulting 2-minute, 37-second video has garnered nearly 40,000 video views. “It was super hectic,” Williams admits about the experience. “But I think that was the same reason we got to do so many cool things. We were motivated.” I first heard about this venture before it actually happened. Williams, who splits his time between Boulder and L.A., spoke to students in a colleague’s class last spring and told them about landing the gig. He also told them a life story that included starting businesses when he was still in high school and having a funder-backed venture at the age of 19. Williams took some college classes, but knew taking the time for a degree was not for him. Instead, he has been building and collaborating on a series of brands that, at least to me, symbolize a new order of business, one that might provide insight into how some millennials expect to make their way through the world. The brands are often easier to experience than explain. Take House of Genius, a monthly meeting now happening in 25 cities around the world, which flips networking on its head by starting with ideas first and concluding with personal introductions. Or Jack Reynolds, the name Williams has given “my bolder alter ego,” which is a website dedicated to, “documentation that anything is possible through original stories and videos – aimed to inspire a more interesting life.” Williams also operates Baumhaur Group, a design and front-end development firm. What is not hard to explain is the rush of traveling across North America, having one ridiculous adventure after another. Car2Go expected a video at the end of it, but Williams said beyond the basics, telling the story was not their primary obsession during the trip. “We didn’t have a lot of time to think about, oh, this part would fit nicely into the story,” Williams says. “It was just, let’s just get as much as we can and experience as much as we can. Frankly, we were far more interested in enjoying it for the experience than making this video for a company. We’ve got this incredible opportunity and we’re just enjoying this while we can. At one point we were talking about being thankful for being thankful.”

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When you have a scene as new and constantly changing as eSports, situations are going to crop up that cause debate over what the definition of “cheating” actual entails. Now, at Dreamhack, we have a new case where a team used an in-game map exploit to rocket their way to victory, only to be met with derision by fans for employing the tactic, and which eventually led them to forfeit the series.

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In the smart-everything craze, Brio is the latest newcomer to the smart, connected, Internet of Things (IoT) world we live in today. With IoT expected to reach $7 trillion in little over four years, it comes as no surprise that apps, devices and the developer tools to connect and communicate with these devices will continue to grow.
Brio is currently in prototype stage and has just started a Kickstarter campaign, but the company hopes to turn your power outlet into something smarter — something that knows when the wrong things have been plugged in. Let’s call it smart power outlet technology.
Brio is just a prototype and has just started a Kickstarter campaign, but the company hopes to take turn your power outlet into something smarter — something that knows when the wrong things have been plugged in. Let’s call it smart power outlet technology.

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The music business is changing. The music business is dying. The music business is growing. The music business is shrinking. The music business welcomes innovation. There is no music business anymore?there is only tech…After years of such contrary predictions, all the utterances are starting to feel like furious sounds, ultimately signifying nothing.

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