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Monthly Archives: October 2014

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Energy Vampires are everywhere in our home this Halloween. Nationally, these socket-suckers drink as much energy as the State of Maryland. But energy vampires and zombies in your home have changed since you were young. Now your cable box, DVR, sound system, plasma TV and satellite system are the worst. And it doesn?t matter much whether these devices are on or not.

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The Chinese jailbreaking team Pangu has finally released an update to its initial tool released last week and below you’ll find a full step-by-step guide on how to jailbreak your Apple device and get access to a world of tweaking. Unfortunately it’s PC-only as there’s no Mac tool available yet but the process will be practically identical.

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If you want a reason to opt out of school, you’re not alone.  And Angad Daryani might just be the inspiration you were looking for.
Daryani, a 16-year-old Mumbaiker, quit school at 9 to build India’s first 3D printer (and possibly the world’s cheapest 3D printer).  In 2013, he developed an “eye-pad” for the blind with MIT.  When he was younger, he set up a solar-powered boat and created an automatic watering system for garden plants.  He has a longer list of hobbies that you can see here.
He calls himself a maker. 
He’s not just messing about all day, though.  Rather, he left school to spend 6 hours a day, learning math, science, and language with a tutor.  It was in these years, that he truly started tinkering – and discovering solutions.

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Chances are you have heard of AirBnB, the company that lets you rent lodging and accommodations directly from other people instead of staying at a hotel. Based in San Francisco AirBnB has one of the most unique offices I have seen. Upon entering their headquarters you find yourself in a giant five story sunlit atrium with accented with wooden beams and flooring. Once you take the elevator up and exit into their actual offices you find wide open space, carts of homemade gluten free healthy desserts being pushed around, a few dogs sitting by their owners, and rows of employees sitting side by side working together. You also see many conference rooms where employees can go to meet or get some quiet time if they need it. Each conference room is designed to look like one of their unique listings that someone has actually put up on AirBnB. On one of the floors you find a massive kitchen area where employees are given high quality meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, prepared  by their on-site chefs. I ate there and the food rivals what you would expect to find at any casual dining restaurant in the Bay Area. The average age the company is somewhere in the mid 20’s.

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