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Monthly Archives: October 2014

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(Reuters) – A man who shot and killed three Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers and wounded two others in June has been given five life sentences in prison, with no possibility of parole for 75 years, an unprecedented sentence in Canada, according to several media reports.

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Cyber security teams are now, more than ever, under great pressure due to an increased likelihood that their organization will be breached. It is not surprising that 57% of security experts expect their organizations to be compromised within the next year. As the news about cyber-attacks becomes the sad “who’s next?” water cooler discussion, it has become a well known reality that even the most extensively protected organizations will be victims of complex hacking operations.

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Stella is one of the 1st-Gen HybridCloud babies to come of age. Born on CloudStation 5, she’s spent her life supported by technology that keeps her feet on the ground and air in her lungs. She’s never set foot on the planet her parents left before she was conceived. But she feels she knows it…

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